Microneedling radiofrequency or “microneedling RF” is currently one of the most sought after anti aging and skin rejuvenation treatments. It specifically improves fine lines and wrinkles, skin tone and texture, large pores, scars and skin laxity.

The device inserts microneedles deep into the dermis in a smooth and controlled manner while simultaneously delivering radiofrequency heat at a precise depth. The micro channels that are created stimulate natural collagen production, and the heat from the radiofrequency promotes remodeling of collagen and elastin to tone and tighten skin. At Meraki Medical Aesthetics, we use the Virtue RF microneedling device which stands apart due to its robotic precision delivery system and sub pulse technology. Sub pulse technology allows RF energy to be broken down into sub pulses without compromising results. Treatments are therefore not only safe and effective for light and darker skin types, but can also be customized to treat specific skin concerns. An innovative post-care treatment mask is combined with microneedling RF. The mask uses microcurrent technology to drive naturally-occurring antioxidants, vitamins, moisturizers and anti-inflammatory agents deep into the skin. This soothes the skin and eliminates redness. Minimal discomfort, minimal downtime, incredible results!

What should I consider with a microneedling RF procedure?

  • This anti-aging treatment is suitable for all skin types with little risk of side effects when performed properly.
  • There is minimal downtime with microneedling RF, so you can resume your normal activities the next day.
  • Microneedling RF requires multiple treatment sessions spaced 4-6 weeks apart.
  • Results rely on new collagen production which continues for up to 6 months after treatment.
  • This procedure can cause dark spots (or hyperpigmentation) if the procedure is performed too aggressively.